Head of New Business & Startup Services


STATION F is the biggest startup campus in the world, backed by Xavier Niel. Open since June 2017 in Paris, we house 1000+ startups. We pride ourselves on being a unique, international, all-inclusive startup space where startups come first. The 34,000 sq meter building also houses a makerspace, an auditorium and other event spaces, restaurants and bars, a pop-up store, on-site services, a post-office and partner offices and programs. In addition, living amenities for 600 entrepreneurs are being built in Ivry sur Seine, 10 minutes away from Station F.

Job Description

This is a key role in the Station F team and community. As Head of New Business & Startup Services, you will oversee new business and offers, as well as current startup services (including the investor community, perks, on-site services and the coliving offer). This is a customer-facing role that requires previous experience in sales and strong communication and negotiation skills.

Start: ASAP

Contract type: CDI, full—time

Job category: Partnerships / Biz Dev

Reports to: Director


  • * Responsible for developing and commercializing all new offers
  • * Responsible for developing and managing the investor/VC community
  • * Responsible overseeing the development and growth of startup services (including perks, on-site services and coliving)
  • * In charge of a small 2-3 person team that could evolve with time

Preferred Experience

  • 4 years minimum previous experience in sales, business development or a similar role (entrepreneurial experience a plus)
  • Solid knowledge of startup ecosystem
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Previous experience managing a team not required but a plus
  • Bilingual French/English mandatory, third language a plus
  • An efficient multitasker that can handle multiple projects at the same time
  • Autonomous, doesn’t need to be asked multiple times to complete a task
  • A team player
  • Positive, self-motivated
  • Good sense of humor
  • Can work under tight deadlines
  • People lover :)
  • Strong interpersonal skills - a good listener
  • Customer-oriented, previous experience in a customer-facing role a plus
  • Detail driven
  • A problem solver - you always manage to find a solution

Recruitment Process

To apply, please answer these questions in English and copy the answers in the "cover letter". Applications that do not include these questions or replies in a language other than English will be considered incomplete.

  1. We want to launch a new partner program at Station F. We don’t want to duplicate a program we already have - for example, we already have BNP Paribas doing a fintech program so we won’t do a second fintech program. Please name 3 programs we could launch and possible partners we could work with. These partners need to be credible in their industry. Note that 1/3 of our partner programs are run by corporates, 1/3 by universities and 1/3 by startup organizations.
  2. We would like to create an « international » offer for our startups. This is an offer for our startups that are expanding internationally. What would you put in the offer? What locations would you target and why?
  3. We currently have a database of 130+ perks for our startups. These are deals and discounts on offers and services for our companies - we offer discounts on everything from lawyers, accountants, tools & software to cinema tickets and gym memberships. Please pick 3 new perks you would like to offer. What exactly is the offer and why is it important that we offer it to our community?
  4. We have an investor community of 40+ funds - primarily early-stage funds. How would you work with them or what would you offer to be sure they are engaging with the community and getting value out of Station F?
  5. We are going to be launching a parking offer for entrepreneurs that commute by car and for our visitors. How do you find out what the need is from our community? How you decide on pricing for entrepreneurs and visitors?
  6. Give us an example of a previous deal or offer you have created or negotiated.
  7. Which startup programs do you consider to be the top 3 internationally? Why? Do not include Station F or any Station F programs.
  8. We are launching a coliving offer for our entrepreneurs to live near campus for the duration of their program. We would like to include some perks (offers, discounts) for them as well but not necessarily business-related. Please name 3 offers you would include for them and why.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)