Imagery Processing Lead


SOWIT leverages all the power of remote-sensing (drone & satellite), agronomy and AI to provide impact-driven decision support systems to African farmers.

We are filling the agronomic information gap in Africa and helping farmers to optimize most critical operations.

Our solutions allow farmers to acquire critical information such as water stress and nitrogen deficiency to sustainably improve their operations (sowing, fertilization, harvesting).

SOWIT is looking forward to recruting impact-driven talents that believe Africa is key to sustainably addressing the growing food & demographic challenges. Having a bias for action, thinking big and taking ownership are essential principles to SOWIT.

SOWIT is part of the FUTURE 40 aka the 40 most promising startups of Station F over 1000.

Job Description

The Image Analysis Lead will build a comprehensive image analysis workflow and tools throughout SOWIT from laboratory analyses to field imagery. These workflow/tools will automate imagery processing, make imagery experiment more effcient and suggest new imaging strategies and derived metrics to improve our estimation of biophysical and biochemical indicators such as moisture level or dry matter. Additionally, they will enlarge our understanding of field data with real time image analysis from sources ranging from UAVs to satellites. Developing a unified strategy for image analysis uniting R+D, Product Development, Productions and field/commercial efforts will be fundamental to success in this role.


  • Understand current internal imaging capabilities and identify existing gaps
  • Prioritize gaps in current imaging capabilities and create plan to fill gaps
  • Create strategic standardization plan for all imaging analyses at SOWIT
  • Design and communicate long-term pipeline for image analysis at SOWIT , including imaging capabilities and cross functional uses


  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Very collaborative; team player;
  • Fast learner; loves to learn about learning new state of the art technologies and techniques
  • Passionate and excited about image analysis
  • Able to design user-friendly image analysis tools and apply ML techniques to problems from laboratory scale to field scale
  • Able to handle geospatial data formats and understand their limitations
  • Able to create long-term project vision for assimilation across departments and a unified image analysis strategy/worflow
  • Comfortable with cloud-based systems, like AWS
  • Understand and embody SOWIT’s core values and mission

Preferred Experience


  • Expertise in modern image analysis libraries (openCV, scikit-image and techniques)
  • Familiar with neural networks/deep learning and their uses in image analysis
  • 5+ years experience in image analysis/processing (inclusive of any graduate education)
  • Skilled at coding in Python
  • Knowledgeable about different types of imaging devices and acquisition hardware, such as microscopes, cameras and other advanced instruments
  • Proven track record and understanding of already developed, “straight out of the box” tools
  • Well-versed in current state-of-the-art imaging technologies and connected to key technology developers
  • Comfortable working with other teams (Automation, Innovation, etc.) to choose and deploy new imaging technology
  • Prior experience with satellite imagery and imagery data at various scales: satellite, UAV, vehicle-based, greenhouse-based, etc. preferred

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 2 years