Machine Learning & Computer Vision Engineer


Scortex enables manufacturers to take better control of their quality. We provide a full-stack solution to digitize quality. It delivers intelligent automation of visual inspections and real-time analytics over quality.

Scortex Quality Intelligence Platform is built to easily deploy and manage deep learning applications on production lines.

Our platform enables manufacturing companies to take control of their quality:

  1. Automate visual inspection tasks at any stage of the manufacturing process
  2. Monitor quality through real-time data visualization and centralized production knowledge
  3. Dynamically improve quality thanks to real-time process control

We believe that the digitalization of manufacturing operations will provide unprecedented returns in quality, efficiency, and environmental impact.

Scortex is a team of passionate and diverse individuals working and learning together to deliver the best solution possible, a unique blend of the tech and manufacturing world.

We have a flexible hybrid/remote work policy. Only 2 mandatory days per month at the office.

Job Description

As a proactive member of the machine learning and computer vision team, your work will include a varied range of challenges:

  • Explore various state-of-the-art vision techniques to help solve tasks currently unbeaten by computers
  • Stay on the bleeding edge of research and actively take part of the ML community
  • Design, develop and implement supervised and unsupervised models under high constraints and requirements, not only with regards to performance, but also to real-time execution. We are looking for fast and scalable training processes with minimal annotation levels.
  • Apply best current ML practices (e.g. data centric, ML ops)
  • Help improve our data collection, training and inference pipelines

Preferred Experience

  • In-depth knowledge of both supervised and unsupervised deep learning architectures applied to computer vision (e.g. deep convolutional networks, autoencoders, object detection and segmentation)
  • Proficient knowledge of standard machine learning techniques: clustering, dimensionality reduction
  • Knowledge and understanding of the mathematics underlying all of the above: probability and statistics, optimization, linear algebra, numerical computation...
  • Experience working with machine learning or computer vision algorithms in production
  • Proven experience with at least one machine learning framework (e.g. TensorFlow/Keras, PyTorch, Scikit-Learn)
  • Good programming and software engineering skills
  • Experience with the unix environment

Bonus points if you...

  • Understand traditional computer vision methods (filtering, transformations, descriptors and detectors)

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree