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Our mission : easing farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture

Rize is a tech start-up developing climate finance to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and low carbon agriculture.

Today agriculture amounts to up to 25% of global greenhouse gases emissions, while the large-scale adoption of climate friendly practices could turn agricultural soils into one of the largest carbon sinks in the world by withdrawing carbon from the atmosphere.

In this global effort to solve climate change, Rize has pledged to ease the journey of farmers into regenerative agriculture. Rize is simplifying farmers' access to science and to carbon finance for their climate action.

That is how Rize has developed the first platform worldwide for carbon credits and has already developed a significant network of partners in France (such as farming cooperatives).

The journey to develop carbon finance for agriculture will be filled with plenty of exciting challenges:

  • develop new schemes of carbon finance to ensure that the transition brings more value to the farmers;
  • launch plenty of innovative services to create more value for the ecosystem;
  • going international soon;
  • improve our carbon monitoring infrastructure to keep up with the best of science.

Rize was founded in September 2020 by a team of engineers, and has since grown to a team of 6 people. Now, as the project has gained traction and raised funds, we are gathering the dream team to join us in this adventure.

Do you want to be at the heart of a high-impact and meaningful project that will shape the future of agriculture, by working with the best technologies within a high-potential start-up?

Job Description

What you’ll be doing

We are looking for the best Innovation Manager to develop new services related to low carbon supply chains in the food industry. This new line of services will be strategic to Rize long term success.

On its mission to accelerate the transition to a low carbon agriculture, Rize is planning to leverage its existing carbon monitoring infrastructure to support food and beverage companies in their effort to decarbonise their supply chains (70% of our food carbon footprint happens at the farm level). This intrinsically connects to Rize’s current mission, as farmers will also strongly benefit from an improved carbon traceability as they will be able to claim higher prices or other bonuses from their buyers in compensation for their higher carbon performance.

This project is highly innovative, and most aspects of our future offer have still to be defined and possibly co-constructed with future clients and partners.

This role will evolve rapidly as this internal project will follow the same innovation cycle as any early-stage start-up, from the ideation phase to the MVP, through some pilot projects to test ideas, identify needs and create new knowledge.

For the first 4 months, your responsabilities are:

1) Sales: Identify, connect with, and engage Food & Beverage companies (in Europe) that want to decarbonise their footprint. Create intuitu personae with decision makers and C-levels.
2) Ideation:

  • Map the food chain, understand objectives, issues and challenges at each step of the chain, identify the specific needs of players along the value chain.
  • Ideate and test new business concepts.
  • Launch partnerships, launch tailored projects, structure approaches and articulate the several work streams to be completed.
  • Identify long-term features (carbon monitoring, decarbonisation pathways, traceability…) to be implemented and integrated to our existing platform.

3) Project management & consulting: Supervise the delivery of decarbonisation projects that will be based on services added to our current platform and tailored consulting services (you will be in charge of delivering all the consulting pieces). Identify patterns, and ensure capitalisation of knowledge during these projects, to replicate results, develop new services and integrate industry-wide features on our platform.
4) Contract management: Build-up and maintain the contractual frameworks for these partnerships (including Proof-of-concepts, collaboration frameworks and services agreements)

You will work closely with Etienne, the CEO, on all the above responsibilities as this is a strategic work stream that heavily relies on existing capabilities.

This position comes with high levels of exposure as you will be able to set the foundations for one of the most important long term activities of Rize. Your responsibilities may evolve very rapidly based on your performance.

Also, as Rize is a start-up, the internal career evolutions are limitless and you will naturally have plenty of opportunities to work on activities outside of the direct scope of your role.

Place of work

Although Rize is based in Paris (our offices are in the Deeptech incubator Agoranov, close to Montparnasse), we enjoy the comfort of working remotely from home while getting occasions to have meaningful in-person interactions with the team.

We are currently in flex office mode, so we enjoy the best of both worlds, the flexibility that comes with working from home and great team moments when we all meet together in the office (usually 2 to 3 days each week).

4 great reasons to work with us!

  1. You will work in a fast pace environment at the heart of the French tech start-up ecosystem (Rize has joined some of the very best incubators in France and beyond), for an exciting experience and a strong learning curve
  2. You will wake up every morning knowing that your work matters
  3. You will join a relaxed and growing team, with a true “start-up” spirit: you are not just an employee, but an integral part of the team. Your role, if you accept it, is to use your creativity and your unique skills to shape this collective project
  4. We are remote friendly but also love sharing a coffee from time to time

Preferred Experience

Your skills

We are looking for the following experience:

  • Education in Engineering or Business. A masters’ degree is expected.
  • Experience in a top tier strategy or management consulting firm is highly desirable
  • Experience in the food industry or agriculture is highly appreciated
  • Experience (including internships) in the start-up universe or familiarity with innovation is considered as a plus
  • French and English full business proficiency (more languages are welcome).
  • International experience (including education or internships) is required

We are also looking for someone who displays the following abilities:

  • Team player
  • Self-starter, organised, structured and proactive
  • Positive and resilient
  • Active listening, open-mindedness and intellectual agility
  • Fast learner and ability to build a strong knowledge of a complex ecosystem

Hiring values

We would love to work with people who share our core values:

  • Interest in the impact sector and in climate change;
  • Interest in start-ups and their ecosystem;
  • Digital native, remote friendly;
  • Casual, open-minded and friendly;
  • Intellectual integrity, as we aim for real impact.

Recruitment Process

If you think the job is for you, don’t wait and send us your CV and a short cover letter outlining your skills and interests on this jobboard or at

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)