What is Ponicode?
We are a machine learning based solution which provides developers with a tool that enables them to ship high quality code with unparalleled speed.
We aim to make beautiful code production easier and faster than ever before thanks to artificial intelligence.
Today Ponicode is less unit testing worries and more quality code in less time, tomorrow it means focusing on coding more than ever and reducing time spent on non-coding tasks while stabilising overall quality of the coding processes.

Job Description

We are currently seeking out talented, creative and ambitious people to join us in our startup adventure.

We are progressing fast, and as our client base, product lines, revenue and international outlook grow, we aim to go from start-up to fully-fledged company in record time.

This is a unique opportunity to be present and provide input from the outset for a fledgling team led by a proven and successful tech enterpreneur.

Preferred Experience

Our dev stack includes a lot of Typescript with React and Node.js, as well as Go, JavaScript and PostgreSQL, and we use Docker, AWS and Azure to manage our infrastructure. Previous experience with these languages and technologies, plus any other (Java and C# in particular), is welcome but not mandatory. Most importantly, we are looking for profiles that are comfortable working on the full stack across a range of languages and frameworks.

The data science team works on a variety of tasks that go from data analysis to data engineering, machine learning and NLP challenges. We code in Python using a wide range of libraries including Numpy and Pytorch. AI on code is a non-trivial subject for which traditional AI systems don't perform well, we are building innovative technology almost from scratch! We even invent new machine learning models and give them original names!

Recruitment Process

If you think you could do a great job at Ponicode, fill in the form below and let us know what motivates you to be part of the adventure! In this particular period, we also accept applications for remote jobs.

In case you did not find the position of your dreams but want to join our project, reach out anyway - we will be very happy to have a chat!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Possible partial remote