Data Scientist


Ponicode is becoming a CircleCI company and we are looking for even more talents to join this new adventure!

We are now CircleCI France, the Paris-based office of a widespread company working on the future of software engineering and more precisely, the future of the developer job. The team is facing exciting challenges around artificial intelligence, data and developer experience. Their goal is to make developers’ lives easier by designing solutions that will fit their needs. Working at CircleCI France is first and foremost making the revolution of your job, as a developer, happen.

Job Description

The position

The short-term goal is to enable the generation of unit tests for JavaScript, Typescript, Python and then other languages.

The first thing to know is that the job description is not exhaustive. With us, it's up to you to create the position that fits you well: “Anything is possible at this stage of the business. We are in the process of building the team that will become the core of Ponicode at Scale

Overall, here are the topics around which the position can be focused:

  • Applied Mathematics.
  • The problem of code quality poses several formalization problems. This formalization is, for the most part, done by the data scientists at Ponicode. Thus, we divide the problems into several smaller subproblems that we solve each with appropriate mathematical or algorithmic methods. We are looking for a data scientist with a great capacity for abstraction coupled with a sense of execution and delivery.
  • Software Engineering (Python/TypeScript).
  • In order to fully understand the challenges of code quality, but also and especially because, as a start-up, we have an execution imperative, a data scientist at Ponicode essentially produces production code. So we expect them to be curious about software engineering and to have the desire to improve their code quality and architecture skills.
  • Dimension Project Management / Scrum Master.
  • We have a high-level product team but we would like to have a tech-side person capable of interfacing with our customers' technical project manager. Someone who is also able to collaborate with the Product team to best coordinate developers and meet customer needs.

The missions

By working at Ponicode, you will not only revolutionize the way everyone codes, but you will especially deep dive into the mechanics of the different programming languages. You will have to be creative and meet many challenges:

  • How to create a multi-language and multi-framework unit test generator?
  • How to (re)factor code?
  • How to understand, represent and generate code with Machine Learning?
  • How to generate documentation?
  • How to generate code snippets?
  • How to automatically find bugs in code?

Preferred Experience

You are the ideal candidate if:

  • You have a great expertise in Python (essential)
  • You are curious about code quality
  • You are passionate about tech, and putting your hands in different technologies doesn't scare you
  • You have an entrepreneurship mindset -> you're not afraid of going the unconventional route if that means making Ponicode a success
  • You want to get involved in a project that is still early-stage
  • You are a real team player. If you're looking for a job where you can express your creativity while working on technical subjects, you've come to the right place! And after all, how many people have the chance to work on a project that will fundamentally revolutionize their own line of work?

Recruitment Process

  • 30min phone screen with Baptiste (CTO)
  • Homework technical project (~3h)
  • A visit to our offices (Rue du Louvre, Paris) for:
  • Technical review with one of Ponicode’s data scientists
  • Cultural fit interview with Edmond (CPO and co-founder)
  • Lunch with the dream team
  • Final interview with Patrick (CEO)

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75001)
  • Possible partial remote