Legal & Data privacy Internship

  • Boulogne-Billancourt
  • Internship
  • Start Date: 06 September 2021
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Newsbridge is a cloud-based media valorization platform powered by Multimodal AI. Designed for Media and Sports Rights-holders, some clients include: AFP, FFF, M6 and the TF1 Group.

Newsbridge’s technology automatically indexes a large volume of audiovisual content via the cross analysis of facial, object, logo and scene recognition. All this while taking audio transcription and semantic context into account.

The platform allows users to access their photos and videos instantaneously while also providing them with a means to collaborate, log media, archive, investigate, share or even showcase and sell their content to media buyers.

Job Description

Newsbridge completed two fundraising rounds (for a total amount of 5.5M euros). We are now ramping up: turnover growth, team growth and, of course, a growing volume of legal questions and contracts. We deal with data privacy, software licenses, information security, compliance and regulation matters on a daily basis.

A roadmap was defined with the person in charge of legal affairs. We intend to both consolidate our operations’ compliance as well as continuously adapting our practices and serving incoming requests. This is where you will learn and where your inputs and contributions will come in handy.

The internship involves:

  • assessing: reviewing providers and vendors contracts and terms, policies or any other legal document to summarize them or give internal advice.

  • drafting: internal and external policies (data protection, security), contractual provisions and updates to our existing framework,

  • following up and taking the lead: some projects will span over the whole internship duration and will require regular updates and follow up (register of processing activities, sub processors’ list, security measures, contract templates, R&D projects),

  • setting in motion: understanding our contractual obligations and turning them into applied action plans (internal or with our providers) while keeping compliance in mind.

Preferred Experience

What WE expect

Being a technology enthusiast. Our company is in the media & sports business. Our software is cloud-based and AI-driven. We make cognitive technologies available to our customers and invest a lot in R&D. The internship and legal works at Newsbridge have a strong nexus with technology. This technology requires a general comprehension of technical mechanisms and technologies we use and provide to guide your assessments and legal decisions.

Being (a bit) autonomous. You are neither left on your own nor a full-time senior: this is an internship and the goal is to train you. Meanwhile, you have a degree we therefore expect a certain ability to take initiatives, suggest solutions based on your knowledge and life experience.

Having sound document drafting and decision making principles. You will work on various projects. Different projects mean different rules and stakes. One thing has to remain constant though: your feedback should be clear, summarized and your choices documented and transparent.

Being customer-oriented. We practice law with a purpose: developing our startup. Law is a compliance tool, it secures our deals and must serve our business’ growth. Let’s hear what our counterparts want to say and understand their situation to better serve them.


Your background

  • You hold or will be holding a Master’s degree which covers topics we will be dealing with during the internship.

  • Your English, both spoken and in writing, is good: we operate from France but we serve clients across the globe. Our clients, even French, negotiate in English.

  • You are knowledgeable about IT, software licenses, the SaaS model (licenses, liabilities), have a good understanding of hosting providers and data processors’ responsibilities.

  • Knowing some key information security facts, protocols or solutions would be much appreciated, regardless of how you acquired this knowledge.

What you can expect from this position and from us

We are team with a young mindset and experienced members coming from different places. The atmosphere is relaxed, quality-oriented with a strong focus on our clients and leaves no space to meaningless tasks. Our decisions are made bearing reality in mind and our internal organization is straightforward.

Our company and service are innovative in their approach, in what we provide and how we work. We often surprise by our delivery capacity, by our service’s potential, yet we are not a big corporation.

The internship will involve direct contact with customers who have operational expectations and thorough legal departments. The task scope is broad (we do not have an organization that is large enough to split departments and people into separated teams). Internship mentoring is done on a regular basis and is meant to be available to address questions about legal matters and other topics.

We promise a friendly and table football-free work environment.

Recruitment Process

Interviews (face-to-face or video conference) shall take place between mid-June and until mid-July
Applicants selection and decision to be made by end of July
Internship starts in September 2021

Scheduled phases may be subject to slight changes.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship
  • Start Date: 06 September 2021
  • Location: Boulogne-Billancourt, France (92100)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 6 months
  • Occasional remote authorized