Job offer - Right Hand of the CEO


Mithril Security is a deep tech startup specializing in cybersecurity solutions that ensure data confidentiality and model protection in AI processes. We utilize secure enclaves (secure environment protection by encryption) to deploy AI algorithms safely, enhancing user privacy and security.

We want to facilitate the adoption of artificial intelligence with new security solutions. So we are open-source toolkits to allow AI providers to move to the next level in terms of AI safety. Interested in AI safety challenges? Check out our blog!

Our Confidential AI technology has gained recognition among key industry players. Notably, the OpenAI Cybersecurity Grant Program has supported our work, funding our R&D efforts to deploy AI models securely in enclaves. We were the first ones to create a Confidential AI inference open-source solution. Additionally, we are working with the Future of Life Institute on developing hardware-backed AI governance tooling.

Accelerated by the prestigious UC Berkeley SkyDeck program and 42, Mithril Security has rapidly grown. Our dynamic team of AI cybersecurity experts has successfully secured $1.4M in pre-seed funding from US and European investors.

Located in a Parisian coworking space (13th arrondissement, close to Square René Le Gall), we are a young team gathered around a tech passion, completed with regular after-work events.

Join us in our mission to make AI safety a reality. At Mithril Security, we are not just building technology; we are shaping the future of secure and ethical AI.

We are looking to recruit new motivated profiles, so feel free to browse our offers and apply!
o revolutionize AI and cybersecurity!

Job Description

Position with high stakes aiming to assist Mithril Security’s CEO with daily tasks. These tasks can be related without being restricted to the following domains: business operations, administration, communication, and prospection. Below is a detailed list of the expected tasks related to the right hand to the COO; it can be adjusted accordingly based on our needs, your will, and your talent.

Strategy & Management:

  • Roadmap follow-up and community communication 

  • Strategic thinking

  • Set up and participate in marketing operations 

  • Market analysis and prospecting for new clients

Financial and commercial prospection:

  • Application for subsidies and loans

  • Represent the COO for special occasions


  • Write outreach technical articles. 

  • Create events around the team and the community on social media

Benefits of the position:

  • Key role as part of a strong growth start-up

  • High-stakes diversified tasks

  • Autonomous and highly creative role

  • Free exchange with key decision-makers in the company

Preferred Experience

You are a young student currently pursuing a degree in a Business, Communication, or Media School, you are looking for a rich apprenticeship as part of a fast-growing start-up. You are also able to justify proficiency in the following skills:

Required skills:

  • Excellent writing and speaking skills in English

  • Autonomous working and flexibility

  • Strong learning and adaptive skills

  • Strong interest in the digital economy, for AI and specifically cybersecurity

Preferred skills:

  • Knowledgeable for administrative tasks (related association experience may be valuable)

Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

We start by giving you a take-home assignment to evaluate your ability to learn new concepts fast, solve problems, and your autonomy. You are expected to set your own timeline for the assignment. Speed in completing tasks is valuable, but the skill of establishing and meeting deadlines is paramount.

  1. Take-home assignment to evaluate learning ability, problem-solving, and autonomy.

  2. Interview with a security engineer.

  3. Final interview with the CEO.

  • Please complete the WTJ form to help us learn more about you. We will contact you shortly. If you are responsive, this process can be expedited!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 4 and 12 months)
  • Location: Paris
  • Occasional remote authorized