Integration specialist (Apprenticeship)

  • Paris, La Ciotat
  • Apprenticeship
  • Start Date: 02 September 2024
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We are building the tool that will connect all tools together. Our AI will help people run super complicated tasks with one sentence.

No more barriers for non-technical people or busy engineers that want to execute their ideas fast.

Today we are focusing on cyber security and cloud teams.

Tomorrow anyone in the company will be able to make all their tools speak to each other and automate tasks.

Our wins :

  • Rothschild Startup of the year 2022
  • Jury's Awards at FIC 2022
  • Finalist at Les Assises de la cybersécurité 2022
  • Our female gender parity increased from 13% to 20% in 2023
  • 11 to 35 people in the team in 2023

To know more about our culture :

Job Description

As an Integration Engineer at Mindflow, you will be instrumental in ensuring the seamless integration of our cybersecurity solutions with client systems. This role involves both technical skills and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with partners and internal teams

Integration Development:

  • Design, develop, and optimize integration workflows for connecting the platform to third-party tools and services.

  • Ensure smooth data flow, error handling, and efficient execution of integrated processes.

  • Implement authentication, authorization, and security mechanisms to safely connect and leverage third-party APIs.

Integration Performance & Scalability:

  • Monitor the performance of integrated services, identifying and resolving bottlenecks.

  • Implement solutions to enhance the responsiveness, efficiency, and scalability of integration workflows.

Collaboration with Customer Success & Parnerships:

  • Work closely with different teams to coordinate and improve our performance.

Testing & Quality Assurance of Integrations:

  • Design and implement tests to ensure the reliability and efficiency of integrations.

  • Collaborate with the QA team to detect and resolve issues related to integrated services.

Technological Watch on Integration Tools:

  • Stay informed about the latest trends and technologies in API integrations and third-party services.

  • Evaluate and propose the adoption of new tools or techniques that can enhance integration quality and versatility.

Integration Documentation:

  • Write and maintain detailed technical documentation for integration processes and best practices.

  • Provide guides and tutorials to help other team members and customers to leverage the platform’s integration capabilities effectively.

Preferred Experience

  • Degree in computer science, software engineering, or a related field.

  • Prior experience in API integrations, webhooks

  • Experience in working with diverse third-party services' APIs, both RESTful and GraphQL.

  • Understanding of authentication protocols such as OAuth, API key-based, and JWT.

Recruitment Process

  • Discovery Call

  • Case study

  • Founder's call

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Apprenticeship (Between 12 and 24 months)
  • Start Date: 02 September 2024
  • Location: Paris, La Ciotat
  • Possible partial remote