Scientific Business Manager

  • La Rochelle
  • Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 September 2022
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Labtoo est une société de services dans le domaine des biotechnologies.

Nous soutenons les chefs de projets de R&D des entreprises pharmaceutiques et de l'industrie des medtechs pour leurs besoins d'externalisation en matière d'expérimentation et d'approvisionnement en échantillons biologiques.

Job Description

Labtoo makes possible what our customers struggle with for long periods of time.

->So basically, the mission of the Scientific Business Managers is to make that happen<-

Imagine a biotech company working on a platform technology. They have developed many biotech tools to design, produce and test potential drugs. But what happens when the new drug has to be tested on a model that is not available in the big service companies?
This is where Labtoo will support the project: we will identify labs, for instance in smaller service companies or in academia, that have the right experimental model, are used to perform tests as a service, and will work with all quality requirements for the project.

Imagine that your customer will ask for samples for a very rare disease, and that they need those as soon as possible. Their challenge becomes your challenge, and we will provide you the methodology to succesfully achieve the mission.

Welcome to Labtoo, the first Outsourcing and Biosourcing Biotech company!

The missions that are handled by the Scientific Business Managers are:

Find new customers Prospection is a large part of the job, you will have to reach out to customers in France, in Europe, in the World, by email, phone, LinkedIn, etc. (Business develpment part)

Support outsourcing management Once a lab starts working with us, you will look for all the options available for their project. You will contact many labs, hospitals, companies, measure their capabilities to provide the required service, and make the connection with the customer. This is part of a feasibility study that will be handled to the customer. (Outsourcing management part)

Execute the mission If you find the right solution and your customer accepts it, you will be in charge to make sure that all contracts are in place, that the service provider executes his part of the mission correctly, or that the coordination between the customers and the labs or multiple labs goes smoothly. (Project management part)

The job is under the direct supervision of the CEO, and there is no plan to change that.

The position is opened in several locations:

  • La Rochelle, where the company has its headquarters, in an office in "Les Minismes".
  • Paris (15th district) available to the Parisian team.
  • partial to full remote possibilities, to be discussed.

The package includes a base salary and a commission-based salary.

Preferred Experience

The requirements for the job are simple: we are looking for a Scientist that loves Sales.

  • PhD in Biology or medical sciences
  • Experience in Sales or Business development

*Why are we looking for scientists?

During your PhD, you (probably) have developped a variety of skills that have been used during the entire doctorate: technical skill, intellectual skill, reading and writing skills, networking skills.
At Labtoo, all those skills will be put in good use, but also (maybe ;)) new ones (managing a budget, prospecting customers, learning the legal requirements of outsourcing). Because you have succesfully integrated new skills, we believe you will be able to learn new ones, eagerly.

When talking to your clients, you will have to quickly understand what is at stake, scientifically. Having the proper background, and the mindset of or researcher, you will use your "old" memories of the lab to quickly grasp the needs of the customer, thus keeping the attention of your customer high, and the chances to be awarded a mission at the maximum. Because you are a scientist, you will be able to speak with other scientists and support them in the best possible way.

What do we mean by "loving sales"?
Labtoo is a scientifically-driven **commercial
company. That means that we all put our best sales efforts to be awarded scientific missions that excite us.
Prospection and account management are the best way to succeed in the position of Scientific Business Manager, because without it, the company cannot exist (and that would be a shame, we believe).
So, "loving sales" means that you will be taking your phone, visiting prospects, going to networking events, again, again and again, and always with a smile and with the true belief that we provide a very unique service. Succeed, feel very proud of the solution you identify for your customer, and doing it all over again.
So, we are looking for candidates with experience in Sales, in a scientific company or not. No experience is not a nogo, but it will require a very high skillset to compensate for it ;).

Recruitment Process

We will proceed as follow:

  1. we will look at motivation letters and resumes
  2. we will set up a first interview with our CEO
  3. we will set up one or two rounds with the team

The process will take a few weeks at most.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 September 2022
  • Location: La Rochelle, France (17000)
  • Education Level: PhD and more
  • Experience: > 2 years
  • Possible full remote