Senior HR Business Partner (Operations & Supply Chain) - Permanent contract - Paris

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Avec Bene Bono, vos courses ont de l’impact !

Bene Bono ce sont des courses engagées jusqu’à 40% moins cher.

Concrètement, nous proposons chaque semaine une sélection de produits top qualité, directement sauvés du gaspillage et à prix mini.

En faisant vos courses avec Bene Bono, vous :

  • aidez producteurs et fabricants à valoriser leurs produits,
  • reprenez le pouvoir sur votre consommation en participant concrètement à la réduction du gaspillage,
  • faites de sacrées économies sans compromettre la qualité de vos courses

Comment ça marche ?

  • 200% sauvé du gaspi : direct producteur et fabricant, produits qui n’auraient pas été vendus, car ils ne respectent pas certaines normes absurdes de la distribution (taille, forme, couleur, surproduction, etc.).

  • 100% qualité : tous nos produits sont sélectionnés en accord avec notre rigoureuse politique qualité (goût, tenue, pas d’ingrédients néfastes ou controversés, éthique, pas de serre chauffée pour les fruits et légumes, …), fruits et légumes bio et français et en direct producteur donc frais.

  • 100% flexible : abonnement sans aucun engagement (on n’est pas Free, mais on a tout compris), courses livrées chaque semaine, arrêt à tout moment, si absence ou empêchement, sauter en 1 clic.

Aujourd’hui, ce sont plus de 2100 tonnes de produits sauvés, grâce à (presque) 20 000 clients déjà conquis. Demain, ce seront des milliers de tonnes de produits sauvés, livrés partout en Europe !

Start-up en développement (plusieurs millions d’ARR), focus sur sa mission, et avec l’ambition de créer une team de choc en France et à l’étranger (en Espagne aujourd’hui mais dans toute l’Europe demain), nous sommes déjà plus de 80 Benies (les salariés de Bene Bono) et nous continuons de recruter pour nous développer… Le bon endroit pour allier plaisir de travailler en équipe, opportunité de progresser rapidement et impact déterminant sur l’environnement


💕 Un petit mot sur nos valeurs, qui nous tiennent très (très) à cœur chez Bene Bono.

Save what’s good : nous luttons contre le gaspillage, pour le bien des producteurs, des consommateurs et de la planète,

Save tons : pour mener cette lutte à grande échelle, nous avons l’ambition d’être le réflexe des Européens pour des produits de qualité moins chers,

Better every day: nous questionnons et améliorons en permanence nos idées et façons de faire,

Value time : nous optimisons notre ressource la plus précieuse - notre temps -, pour avoir le maximum d’impact.

Feel safe : Nous créons ensemble un environnement bienveillant, pour que chacun s’y plaise et se développe

Descriptif du poste


At Bene Bono, your grocery shopping makes a difference!

Bene Bono offers environmentally & socially shopping with prices up to 40% lower.

In concrete terms, we provide a weekly selection of top-quality products directly saved from waste at discounted prices.

By shopping with Bene Bono, you:

  • Support producers and manufacturers in upgrading their products,
  • Take control of your consumption by actively participating in waste reduction efforts,
  • Save money without compromising the quality of your groceries.



  • 200% saved from waste: products directly sourced from producers and manufacturers that would have otherwise gone unsold due to arbitrary distribution standards (size, shape, color, overproduction, etc.),
  • 100% top quality: all our products adhere to our rigorous quality policy (taste, freshness, no harmful or controversial ingredients, ethical sourcing, no heated greenhouses for fruits and vegetables, etc.), including organic and locally sourced fruits and vegetables,
  • 100% flexibility: subscription with no commitment (we're not like Free, but we understand), weekly deliveries, easy skip option for when you're away or unable to receive the delivery.

Today, we have already saved over 2600 tons of products, thanks to 23,000 satisfied customers. Tomorrow, we aim to save thousands of tons of products and deliver them across Europe!

As a fast-growing startup (with millions in ARR), we are focused on our mission and have the ambition to build an exceptional team in France and abroad (currently in Spain, but throughout Europe in the future). We already have more than 80 team members, called "Benies," and we continue to hire to support our growth. It's the perfect place to enjoy working as a team, have rapid career growth opportunities, and make a significant impact on the environment.



💕 A few words about our values, which are deeply important to us at Bene Bono.

Save what's good: We fight against waste for the benefit of producers, consumers, and the planet.

Save tons: To tackle this issue on a large scale, we aim to become Europeans' go-to choice for high-quality, affordable products.

Better every day: We constantly question and improve our ideas and practices.

Value time: We optimize our most precious resource—our time—to maximize our impact.

Feel safe: Together, we create a nurturing environment where everyone feels comfortable and can grow.



If you thrive in a dynamic environment and want to make a difference, we've got the perfect spot for you on our People team. In this role, you'll be the guiding light for management teams in both France and Spain with the ultimate goal of contributing to our mission : become Europeans’ food-waste reflex to get good products at a lower price.

This position will support both the corporate functions and warehouse environments and require frequent visits in our Orly warehouse (once a week) and occasional business trips in other hubs, including Spain (once a quarter).

As a senior HR Business Partner you'll be in charge of:

- Business Partnering: partnering with managers to understand their needs and provide guidance and support on employee relations matters related to performance management, disciplinary actions, and conflict resolution, while ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations.

- Talent Acquisition: manage the end-to-end recruitment process, from sourcing candidates, including headhunting, to conducting interviews and making job offers, as well as collaborate with hiring managers to identify top talent.

- Talent Development: support managers and employees, to enhance the skills and capabilities of the workforce, fostering a culture of continuous learning and development.

- Project management and initiatives: contribute to talent development, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and continuous enhancement of employee experience.


We're looking for someone with a minimum of 7 years of hands-on experience supporting teams in a fast-paced environment. 

A non-negotiable requirement is a minimum of 3 years as an HR Business Partner, specifically dealing with logistics or supply chain functions,  in companies managing their internal warehouses. Applicants not meeting these criteria will not be considered for this role.

We are looking for an expert in:

- Recruitment: strong interviewing and assessment skills to ensure the right fit for Bene Bono

- Project management: you have previous work experience on career development and employee experience projects

- Excellent English proficiency, both written and verbal (if you also speak Spanish it’s a big big plus)

- Master of communication, multitasking and a very reliable team player.

Additionally, a valid residence permit allowing work in France is a necessary requirement.

We value diverse profiles at Bene Bono! We take great pleasure in welcoming individuals with unconventional backgrounds, rich stories, and multiple life experiences. So, don't hesitate to send us your application!

You know Bene Bono is for you if ...

🥕 You want to join a company that has a positive impact on both the environment and French producers, committed suppliers and consumers, on a large scale.

🌍 You're eager to take part in a fast-growing start-up that's wants to achieve its European ambitions (France, Spain and soon everywhere in Europe)

🧗 You are not afraid to get your hands dirty if needed, but you are also keen on evolving within a well-funded company thanks to serious European investors (€8M in 2022 raised from Stride in the UK, Project A in Germany and Kima in France).

🤝 It's important for you to join a human company that puts diversity at the heart of its actions. You want to act freely and have a real impact on the whole company.



Introductory call with Laure to get to know each other, present Bene Bono and the role.

Interview with Christelle, Chief People Officer, to deep dive into the role and case study to prepare and present.

Meet Claire (Chief Operating Officer) and Grégoire (Chief Executive Officer), two of the co-founders.

Reference calls & meet-the-team moment and job offer 🤞



Start: ASAP

Warehouse locations: Orly, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, Bordeaux

Office located in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, with a flexible approach to remote work (approximately 40% remote work)

Occasional visits to our producers and suppliers.

A friendly team that takes great pride in its values!

Enjoy good organic products with a free monthly basket and discounts on baskets and grocery items 🍒

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (BSPCE) for all permanent employees.

Informations complémentaires

  • Type de contrat : CDI
  • Lieu : Paris
  • Télétravail partiel possible