Lead Developer


Imaginez des transactions sans intermédiaire, directement de banque à banque. Une solution qui permet aux marchands de bénéficier d’une augmentation de 15% du volume d’affaires et d’une économie, en moyenne de 40% sur les coûts de transactions. Cette solution, c’est Fintecture.

L'idée est apparue suite à une analyse simple : chaque paiement traditionnel exigeait de nombreux intermédiaires, donc des frais conséquents et des problèmes techniques plus récurrents. Chaque transaction était source d’incertitude, entre transmissions des données personnelles et complexité de l’authentification forte.

C'est pourquoi, en 2018 Faysal Oudmine, Tatiana Rozoum, Anjan Som et Reda Charai profitent d’une mutation technologique et réglementaire de l’industrie bancaire (la DSP2) pour construire leur propre infrastructure de paiement.

Comment ?
En utilisant les APIs pour s’intégrer directement aux banques, Fintecture crée un lien direct, sans intermédiaire, entre la banque du marchand et celle de son client pour opérer un paiement plus simple, plus sûr et moins cher.

Un an après son lancement commercial, Fintecture s’impose comme leader des paiements compte à compte en France, doublant ainsi son activité tous les deux mois, et a quadruplé son équipe qui compte aujourd'hui plus de 30 membres.

Job Description

Position Summary:

We are looking for a Lead Developer to lead a squad, become the go-to-person for a set of payment products, manage the process of deployment and take ownership of those products in production.

The products you will be working on all relate to new and innovative payments and banking products.

More importantly, we are looking for a passionate person who is ready to go the extra mile, is always looking to improve the existing, and is ambitious to become a key player in a game changing startup.

🎯 Missions:

• Serve as primary architect for the design and development for a set of payment production.
• Participate in the definition, development, and integration of Fintecture’s products and services for client needs.
• Participate in the implementation of a full DevOps-based environment for continuous integration and continuous delivery, with high automation from unit tests to full deployment.
• Contribute to the design and implementation of the company’s software support model and directly participate in customer support.
• Collaborate very openly with colleagues from all other departments (regulatory, compliance, sales, customer success, operations, etc.) and be part of a culture of continuous improvement, providing very high-quality work required by the extremely high reliability, availability and security of systems we strive to achieve at Fintecture.
• Be excellent at what you do: provide serious work without taking yourself too seriously.

Preferred Experience

🏆 Desired Profile:

• The right mindset to work in a growing startup: ownership & accountability, ready to go the extra mile, collaboration, customer focus and support. Able to produce outstanding quality and reliability required for our solutions to work durably in the most challenging contexts.
• Passionate in new technologies and web services.
• Good English level and a strong ability to communicate
• Independent and problem solving.
• Ability to lead a team, identity strengths and weaknesses

Desired Skills:

• Strong expertise in RESTful API design and architecture
• Experience working in a High Availability context
• Good knowledge of NodeJS, MySQL, and MongoDB
• Have built or worked in a Microservice ecosystem
• Prior experience on GCP or similar cloud platform
• Keen interest in Software Design Pattern
• Knowledge of RSA signing and encryption
• Prior experience in using OAuth2 services is a plus
• Knowledge of using GIT or similar version control system
• At ease with Docker containers
• Knowledge of DevOps tools such as GitOps or similar
• Automated testing frameworks and mock objects
• Design, build, and maintain efficient, reusable, clean and reliable code

We offer:

• To be a key member of a fast growing and ambitious startup
• Startup environment with work flexibility
• Career development
• Integration in a fast-growing company

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75010)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 5 years
  • Possible full remote