Infrastructure Engineering Intern

  • Paris
  • Internship
  • Start Date: 01 July 2024
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Fabriq est la solution innovante de pilotage d'atelier qui améliore la productivité des équipes de production. Fabriq rassemble et digitalise tous les outils de votre système d'excellence opérationnelle (AIC, plans d'actions, tour de terrain et audits, résolution de problèmes, management visuel et KPI).

Grâce à fabriq, les équipes de production peuvent gagner en efficacité, résoudre les problèmes deux fois plus vite et améliorer l'efficience de 2 à 5% en capitalisant sur les données terrain.

Job Description


  • Implement cost reduction opportunities on our Infrastructure platforms using modern infrastructure tooling.


  • Gather knowledge of best practices on Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms in an enterprise context.

  • Dive into our current Infrastructure as Code (IaC) including Terraform and CDKTF (TypeScript).

  • Identify cost reduction opportunities, balancing their value and time to implementation.

  • Develop and experiment cost reduction features.

  • Report on assessed opportunities including cost reductions and impact.

  • Implement suggested improvements on our Software as a Service (SaaS) platforms.

Internship at Fabriq

  • 2-3 months internship

  • France based - full remote, in the Parisian office, or a mix of both (50% of Paris metro card covered by Fabriq)

  • 10€ daily Restaurant Tickets with Swile (60% covered by Fabriq)

The Stack

  • Infrastructure:

    • Infrastructure as Code: Terraform HCL and Terraform CDKTF
    • Containers: engine : Docker, runtime : AWS fargate, orchestration : AWS ECS
    • VM : AWS EC2, Image (AMI): Packer
  • Storage:

    • Object: AWS S3, Relational : AWS RDS
  • Backend:

    • Graphite stack: Platform service : AWS ECS, Programming framework: Django, Programming language : Python
    • Diamond: Platform service : Cloudflare workers, Runtime technology : workerd, Configuration technology : capnp, Programming framework : Deno, Programming, language : TypeScript
  • Frontend:

    • Programming language : TypeScript, Programming framework: Vue.js, Platform service : Cloudflare Pages, Runtime technology : workerd, Observability & monitoring :
  • Trace & Monitoring : Honeycomb

  • Logs : Datadog

Preferred Experience

  • Comfortable working in English and in French

  • A positive and curious personality

  • A willingness to learn new methodologies and practices

  • Analytical and problem-solving capabilities

  • Good organizational and prioritization skills

  • General knowledge of cloud computing and product observability

  • Technical knowledge of Python and/or Typescript

  • General knowledge of infrastructure as code

  • General Knowledge of software architecture concepts

Recruitment Process

  • Screening - 15 min

    • Test the candidates compatibility with the job requirements
    • Present the company, current challenges, and work environment
    • Gather information about the candidate’s availability, enquiries and salary expectations
  • Technical interview with the Infra Unit - 60 min

    • Test the candidate’s technical skills
    • Determine cultural fit with the Infrastructure Unit
    • Answer questions regarding the job and the company
  • Tech team interview - 60min

    • Meet other tech team members to discuss the tech culture and other team activities
  • Meet the Head of Technology - 45 minutes

    • Present the technical vision and determine the cultural fit

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 2 and 3 months)
  • Start Date: 01 July 2024
  • Location: Paris
  • Possible full remote