Apprentice Backend Engineer


A propos de Fabriq 🏭

Fabriq est l’outil de productivité qui remet l’humain au coeur des usines.
Les crises environnementales ou sanitaires que nous traversons actuellement font de la rélocalisation industrielle un des enjeux majeurs de nos sociétés. Les industriels doivent produire localement, être plus efficients dans l’usage des ressources, plus agiles face aux crises et maintenir un niveau de compétitivité élevé pour faire face à la concurrence internationale. Dans ce contexte, les investissements dans l’industrie du futur et la digitalisation explosent avec au coeur de cette révolution du 4.0, le passage vers une collaboration digitale des équipes de production.

Fabriq est le premier outil collaboratif en mode SaaS qui accompagne les usines dans le management de la performance au quotidien et la résolution des problèmes opérationnels. Leur mission est d’améliorer l’autonomie et l’efficacité des équipes de production grâce au digital et à l’IA.

Fabriq expliquée en 1 minute en video 📺 :

Les Echos parlent de Fabriq ! :

Pourquoi digitaliser les sites industriels ? :

Fabriq a été fondée début 2019 par deux entrepreneurs expérimentés, Octave Lapeyronie et François Déchelette avec l'aide d'OSS Ventures, spécialisé dans l’univers du manufacturing et de l'industrie 4.0.
Fabriq connaît un succès unique auprès des groupes industriels avec 200 sites de production équipés en 2 ans sur tous les continents... et ce n'est que le début 😉

Job Description

About Fabriq

Today, about 1 in 6 jobs is in the manufacturing sector, but a vast majority of factories provide outdated tools (paper, whiteboard, spoken voice) to the shop floor. This leads to low operational efficiency and low workforce engagement.

Our mission is to empower and engage this workforce across Europe and the world. We aim to bridge the technological divides and contribute to industrial relocalization. We are building fabriq, an intuitive, shopfloor-ready app (web and mobile) to:

  • Save time and solve operational issues faster 🏃‍♀️
  • Collaborate on complex issues 🤝
  • Build and use an operational knowledge base 📚
  • Track performance and detect issues early 📊

Fabriq was founded in 2019 by two seasoned entrepreneurs, Octave Lapeyronie and François Déchelette. It is generating very good traction on its market and is currently live on 150+ production sites in 23 countries. A seed round was raised early 2020 to accelerate growth and a Series A was recently closed in early 2022.

Some references (in 🇫🇷) :

  • Fabriq explained in a 1 minute en video 📺
  • French newspaper Les Echos on Fabriq
  • Why take manufacturing sites digital

The team

As of writing, Fabriq counts 25 employees; 11 of which in the product team. It is comprised of the CEO, who oversees the product, a Product Manager, a Product Designer, a Lead Developer and six Fullstack engineers (which includes two seniors and one apprentice).

The product team works mostly in remote. We have people all across France (Paris, Compiègne, Nantes, Rouen, Perpignan), and one of us is in Brazil! Once a month, for those in France, we meet at the office for a special day of workshops and pair programming, with a meal at the restaurant — on the house! Once a quarter, the whole company meets together for a fun activity.

At Fabriq, we value freedom and autonomy. We trust that skilled professionals know what is the best for them — which leads to the team getting the best of them! So, people can work how they want, when they want, where they want.

Furthermore, there is no split between product people and engineers; they all belong to one product team and work in tight collaboration.

We also value quality, user experience, and the happiness and fulfillment of team members. This is why the roadmap is defined together, and we regularly invest in sprints to focus on performance, technical debt, UX improvements... We want to strike a healthy balance between product evolution, technical upkeep and long term investments.

The stack

Fabriq is a typical single-page-application, in Vue.js, backed by a REST API.

On the backend, the REST API is historically implemented with a Django application, running on AWS. We are however in the process of revamping the stack and the infrastructure. Our goal is to use TypeScript everywhere and to implement our backend with serverless technologies — specifically Cloudflare Workers and Fauna.

We are also big on observability. We heavily use Honeycomb and Sentry, which are game changers to understand what goes on at scale.

The role

You will assist the backend engineers in developing new services on the new stack: TypeScript on Cloudflare Workers, with Fauna as a database.

The size and scope of your deliverables will increase over time, according to your progression. You will work it tight collaboration with the rest of team, with frequent pair programmings and weekly review sessions.

Preferred Experience

About you

To apply for this job, you should:

  • Be eligible for a 🇫🇷 French alternance contract (Required)
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy working in fast-paced, startup environment
  • Be self-driven and able to work autonomously
  • Be willing and excited to work on bleeding edge serverless technologies
  • Be fluent in English – profiency in French is a plus

Having experience in TypeScript is a plus.

Recruitment Process

The process

  1. Screening call — 30 minutes
  2. Small take-home assignment (very easy) — should take less than an hour
  3. Review of the take-home assignment and technical test — 2 hours
  4. Meeting the product team — 30 minutes

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Apprenticeship
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)