Lead Software Engineer (Python, C++)


Created in mid-2019, EyePick develops robotic and machine-learning technologies to enable automation in the physical world. Our software gives sight to robots, enabling them to replicate manual tasks in unstructured environments.

We are a fast growing company, part of the Future 40 of Station F, and of many other ecosystems (Entrepreneur First, Elaia, Plug and Play, Wilco etc.)

Job Description

Your role in the company

As the Lead Software Engineer, you will directly support our CEO into executing the technical roadmap, by bridging the gap between R&D and Business.

You will be the technical leader of the product squad, who is responsible for transforming R&D algorithms into production grade software ready to be deployed in industrial setups. As the software reference in the company, your focus will be on the system's technical excellence, and tech culture of the company.

This role is focused on tech, and involves 60% to 80% of hands-on coding. You will work hand-in-hand with the engineering manager, who will focus on the people's performance and handle the HR responsibilies.

Your missions include :

  1. Define the product roadmap in collaboration with R&D and Business and articulate it into a technical plan with clear technical OKRs
  2. Design the technical architecture in collaboration with the R&D to execute the plan and reach the OKRs
  3. Implement plug & play code samples for your engineers and onboard them to each new tech component
  4. Read the Pull Requests of your squad and R&D squad and ensure 100% of the tests are valid before merging into production
  5. As the software best practices expert, mentor the tech team members and build the tech culture of the company
  6. As the owner of the software quality, you will ensure that every component is safe and tested by implementing CI, Monitoring (ex. Sentry), Extensive testing : Non Regression, End-to-End, Unit Tests
  7. Track the system's SLAs through analysing the tech reports, and optimize existing protocols to continuously improve the performances of the overall system

Preferred Experience

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or a related technical field
  • 5+ years working in at least one startup with a Lead or Senior Software Engineering role
  • Ability to speak and write in English fluently.
  • Experience in one or more of the following domains: SLAM, motion trajectory control, manipulation, path planning, automatic control, ,
  • Experience in one or more of the following : Image processing, object detection/recognition/tracking, task management, machine learning.
  • Experience with robotics systems, ROS, hardware integration, motion planning
  • Experience with image processing, object detection or tracking, machine learning
  • Expertise and excellent object oriented programming capability, including speed and overall quality; specifically, MUST be able to write high performance product quality codes with Python and/or C++

Preferred qualifications:

  • Strong proficiency in multithreading programming and synchronisation mechanisms
  • Experience in embedded system development, communication protocols, architecture, behaviours, security, etc.
  • Familiar with boost C++ libraries, design patterns and able to enforce it in day-to-day tasks.
  • Experience working on large software systems.
  • Independent, Integrity and self-driven with a strong focus on results to ensure that the whole team succeeds in its goals.
  • Experience managing and/or directing field operation technicians, engineers or contractors in industrial setups
  • Optimism and excitement about collaborating with teammates on challenging R&D subjects, and ability to positively influence the work of others and help them grow into senior roles
  • Experience in Scrum practices is a plus

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75013)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 2 years
  • Possible partial remote