Coaching Designer


This is us:

Chance ( is a PsyTech pioneer - central to the emergent field of human choice facilitated by machine intelligence. We offer customers across business segments and social boundaries solutions in optimized human decision-making related to employment. Intertwining platform coaching and video coaching with a qualified personal coach, our online method helps people make fully-informed employment choices aligned with their deepest motivations, most marketable skills and constraints. True to our deepest motivations, we break the mold so that anyone can thrive – including a core commitment to serve economically disadvantaged populations.

Championed since inception by Nobel Laureate Muhammad Yunus as Honorary Chairman and, Chance is currently operating in France, with a B2C model and a developing B2B offer and in 2020 will provide over €1M of services to the French Government.

Alexander Asseily (Jawbone Founder) serves on Chance's Supervisory Board along with Françoise Gri (former CEO Manpower France and IBM France). Other shareholders include the Ray Dalio family office, Robert Dilts (author of 20 books, a global reference in professional coaching) and CEOs of multi-billion euro French companies.

Our culture:

We are a team of 25 professionals from 5 nations compelled by 1 self-evident truth – that people have a right to work in a job that feeds their soul. Home for us is in the vibrant Silicon Sentier in the heart of Paris – a rich neighborhood of creative disruption. We speak English mixed with French, spiced with Portuguese or Russian because the strength of our diversity is what informs our best choices.

Job Description

Anti-job description:

You will integrate the Chance Coaching Department whose reponsibility, along with UX/UI designers and developers, is to build a life-changing experience, intertwining digital and human coaching, to provide users with a easy access to a reassuring and exciting journey - from getting to know themselves better to choosing the job position that suits them completely.

This experience will be:

  • Holistic and dynamic to help users navigate their journey within and outside the platform in a consistent way (eg. introspection activities, meetings with their coach, job exploration, communication with other users, leveraging access to a community of mentors…)
  • Adaptive to user’s profiles and needs (eg. focus on introspection vs focus on pragmatic actions) and way of thinking (eg. intuitive vs rational)
  • Interactive to maximize positive psychological impact.

Coaching designer missions :

RESEARCH : conduct internal & external R&D

  • closely follow needs and satisfaction in cooperation with the Customer Success team
  • leverage team members expertise, meet experts, follow developments in academic journals and articles, conduct research on coaching dynamics, behavioral change, psychology, professional orientation & development, future of work, recruitment...

IDEATE : provide coaching and professional orientation guidance for creation of the user experience

  • program mechanisms and macro steps in coaching, learning and behavioral change dynamics
  • key models (ex: decision making), messages (ex: importance of taking action), concepts (ex: flow) and data (ex: skills, personality tests)
  • coaching posture & methodology, tools, and digital collaboration

CREATE : build segments of the program

  • write digital activities: self coaching, learning content (world of work / psychology / change...)
  • enrich the job database: attributes of jobs, skill references, personality tests
  • test ideas and activities before putting them in the program or handing them over to designers and developpers
  • write coaches guidance material

Preferred Experience

You want to thrive in your job and believe it is possible for everyone.

You want to join a pluri-disciniplinar team with the huge ambition to revolutionize the world of work.

You feel at ease in a fast-moving environment in flux.

You are deeply motivated by human and career development.

You have core expertise and are very eager to expand to new fields (coaching, behavioral change, psychology, neurosciences, professional orientation & development, future of work, recruitment...)

You have excellent understanding, modeling and advanced writing skills.

You have a firm basis in and are eager to upskill your digital knowledge (how to build a digital product).

You are a native French speak and are bilingual in English.

Recruitment Process

You will meet :

  • Head of Coaching Department
  • Product Manager
  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Chief Communications Officer
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • CEO

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75002)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience: > 4 years