Full Stack Software Engineer

Job Description


Historically, the IT department was responsible for the implementation of applications within their organisation. But as a result of the digital transformation, companies are now using hundreds of different applications. Business teams are operating on their own initiative to implement technologies through SaaS, in a decentralised way, without bringing IT into the loop. This explosion of apps is out of control, creating serious security and compliance issues.

Beamy helps large enterprises to detect and manage their underground digitalisation while structuring a framework for decentralised IT governance.


Today, many large companies still underestimate the impact of their SaaS stack. Beamy’s goal is to make IT democratisation one of the top priorities of large enterprises in Europe and across the world. Beamy has a dedicated model to address large groups, in different industries (bank, insurance, retail, etc.), which is a large key differentiator on the market.


In the coming year, we will recruit 50 new talents, reinforce our engineering team to continue building the best product possible, and accelerate our global expansion - especially in the UK and the US! As we continue to grow and scale, it is critical for us to preserve Beamy’s core culture. We are looking for ambitious individuals who can grow with us, following our values of no-ego, full trust, full honesty and collective responsibility.

One of our next ambitious goal is to build a Top Tier #1 Product. We plan to work and develop the heart features of Beamy which are the following :

▶ Detection & SaaS Cockpit feature : enabling to detect the full cloud software stack our customers use. We are the only company doing this the way we do, you will see things you won't see anywhere else. We are two steps forwards regarding our competitors.

Tech requirements : build and consume robust APIs in Node.js or in Python, build scripts & commands to import software detections from the data team.

▶ SaaS Mastering feature : becoming the command center of our customers’s technology.

Tech Requirements : DevOps : set up of the platforms with Docker, interfacing front end and databases and implement business rules to update financial, product and governance datas of detected SaaS solutions.

▶ SaaS Governance feature : helping our customers to make good choices about SaaS Management by handling addition or decommissioning solutions.

Tech requirements : build, test and optimize APIs on Node.js or Python for heavy requests, interfacing between back office and front-end.

Stack : Node.js (Nest.js), Git, MySql, Docker, Portainer, Azure, Vue.js (nuxt.js), Python.

For further information, have a look at our technical page.

Work and team spirit :

▶ We have a product and tech oriented culture : everybody understands each other and speak the same language.

▶ We're still a small team with a huge solidarity, helping each other is always a priority.

▶ You’ll be in contact with peers: developers, product engineers, designers, data engineers, business teams.

▶ We work with a scrum workflow: sprint planning, 2 week sprints, daily meetings, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives... We demonstrate the work accomplished during demos at the end of each sprint.

▶ Communication, peer programming and reviews are important for the team.

▶ All the team members have a strong voice in the product development lifecycle.

▶ Have a wide scope of responsibilities : take part in the architecture design process, develop and release new features, meaning a lot of opportunities to learn.

About you 🤩

▶ You have at least 2 years of experience in software engineering using Javascript (especially Node.js).

▶ You have a strong interest in innovation, like to take initiatives, and continuously check on the latest technology trends.

▶ You enjoy big human and technical challenges, and you want to hack a market (joining an early stage startup is more than a job, it’s an adventure!).

▶ You give a lot of importance to team spirit.

▶ You are highly proactive, and are not scared to take on topics you do not master.

▶ You are pragmatic and have humility

What we offer:

▶ Attractive salary starting from 48K€ for a junior engineer + stocks options 💰

▶ Brand-new office in the heart of Paris, at Opera, (9th district)!

▶ A key role within our organisation with the opportunity to be a decisive player in transitioning Beamy from startup to scale up,

▶ Full ownership and strong autonomy, free of micro-management,

▶ The best health mutual and lunch vouchers available (Alan & Swile),

▶ A united and highly dedicated team who's not faint-hearted,

Research shows that while men apply to jobs where they meet an average of 60% of the criteria, women and other underrepresented groups tend to only apply when they meet 100% of the qualifications. At Beamy, we value respectful debate and people who aren't afraid to challenge assumptions, so we are looking for diverse perspectives as long as you meet our minimum criteria.

You are encouraged to apply even if your experience doesn't precisely match the job description!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Paris, France (75009)
  • Experience: > 2 years
  • Possible full remote