Marketing internship 🔥


The first artificially intelligent dating coach 🤖

Job Description

Take the responsibility for growth hacking. You may manage Instagram/Facebook and other social platforms by creating awesome posts and videos, content writing on Quora/Reddit and blogs such as Medium.

Who are we?
We are a bunch of tech founders who created a startup named Cupido. We have created the world's first artificially intelligent dating coach. We want to sell the fact that you can “Become the more datable version of yourself 😉. You can learn more at

Why work with us?
We will make you a part of our startup journey. We will be with you side by side to make a killing during your internship. We are located in Station F, Paris, the biggest startup campus in the world, You’ll interact with many individuals who you can learn from. Lookup for La Felicita, it’s in our backyard.😍!

2 months, unpaid (unfortunately, this awesome offer comes at a little cost! 😅).

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Preferred Experience

Which type of growth hacker are you?
We only react negatively and awkward to non-creative/boring posts. There is a wide range of creativity. There are many stages between beginners, experts, and masters. There are even grandmasters. If you don’t know any grandmasters, it’s not because you haven’t encountered them, but rather because their art is hidden in plain sight 🤩.

Are you already a master that speaks English and French like a boss? Join us if you’re master and want to be a grandmaster! 😎

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Recruitment Process

Let's see how's your resumé first and let's have a call!

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Internship (Between 1 and 2 months)
  • Location: Paris, France ()