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  • Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 April 2022
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Contracts have remained unchanged for 30 years.

Their content has simply been moved from a sheet of paper to a computer screen and companies have had to adapt, using everyday tools due to a lack of suitable equipment.

Because they are at the heart of business and business relationships, Leeway reinvents contract negotiation with a collaborative and intuitive experience.

Leeway enables companies to manage the complete contract lifecycle, from generation through negotiation, signing and up to monitoring, in a simple and automated way.

Job Description


  • Full-time position based in Paris with flexibility
  • 3+ years of experience building digital products
  • 48 000€ - 85 000€ compensation
  • 0.23% - 1% stock options in the company
  • A talented team building the future of contracts

🔧 The position

  • We look for someone that can develop software and deal with complex projects with high security applications.
  • You will be in charge of your own projects from start to implementation.
  • You will ensure that you always maintain a maximum level of security and guarantee absolute confidentiality for each of the functionalities developed.
  • You'll have an important role within the company and you'll "have a seat on the table". You'll bounce off ideas each other and with the entire team too.
  • We like great design and we look for someone that pays attention to details and like to get to the bottom of things.
  • You will contribute to the construction of the technical team and play an important role in it: participating in technical reviews, architecture, recruitment, etc.

Preferred Experience

👟 About you

We know that perfect candidates don’t exist. Even if not all of this applies to you, we’d love to learn more about you.

  • You've built B2B SaaS products. We offer the best user experience and it isn't only a matter of design but also of performance. You'll have a role to play regarding that point and we will challenge you.
  • You love technical challenges. You're not afraid to spend long hours busting your head over technical challenges and see problems as opportunities to think differently and create innovative solutions.
  • You enjoy engaging the team. You don't just code things, you also challenge them and give feedback when you think we can do better.
  • You care about more than code quality. You build reusable things and don't jump into the code without having the big picture. You can make trade-offs between speed and quality.
  • You dare. You like to take responsibility and move forward with the projects entrusted to you as a leader and you like to test new things in order to always offer the best experience to our customers.


  • You already have a significant experience working in a SaaS company
  • Some knowledge of a Cloud provider ideally AWS
  • You already have an experience in micro-service oriented architectures
  • You have already worked with Slate

🛠 Our Stack

  • Backend: NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Nestjs, Mysql
  • Frontend: React, TypeScript, Apollo
  • Infrastructure: AWS (ECS, EKS, RDS, S3 , CDK), Docker
  • CI / CD: Circleci, Github
  • Other tools: Sentry, Amplitude

💭 How we work

  • Trust & Ownership: Take, own and implement decisions to build Leeway from scratch. We are not rushing to market but focus on a quality product and the little big details.
  • Less meetings, more actions: We don't run meetings before 2pm. We use meetings when needed and not per default.
  • Think big: We believe that the status quo is meant to be broken and we will always encourage you to dare.

Recruitment Process

🌈 Our stance

  • We stand against racism and fully support all genders. We are actively seeking to create a diverse work environment because teams are stronger with different perspectives and experiences.
  • We don't look for shiny CVs and we don't really care about your degrees. We like atypical profiles and self-taught people. We like people who take risks, even if they fail, more than those who don't.

🌱 Our offer

  • Full time contract
  • 48 000€ - 85 000€ compensation
  • 0.23% - 1% stock options of Leeway: We want everybody to be a true owner in Leeway.
  • Visa sponsorship available and your relocation will be covered

🎁 Benefits & perks

  • 25 paid vacation days per year (PTO)
  • Easy remote work policy: We are an international team and believe in co-located teams. So if you want to work from home or from another place in Europe for some time, no need to take vacation.
  • Get your perfect setup: You’ll receive all new equipment including a laptop, monitor, headset and any other accessories you need to do your best work.
  • Lunch on us: As french founders, lunch is one of our favorite moment of the day. We eat lunch together as a team from our favorite restaurants around (trust me, french cuisine is worth it 😉)! Otherwise there’s plenty of fruits and other healthy food to go around!
  • Central and lofty office: Our modern office is located in Sentier, in the center of Paris with plenty of great things around. You'll find a lot of design references and we encourage you to add your personal touch to feel like home.
  • Company health insurance policy: Leeway offers top of the line benefits, including health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Parental leave: Leeway believes in #ParentalAct and offers new parents 4 weeks of paid time away to spend quality time with family. Biological, adoptive and foster parents are all eligible for parental leave.

🤔 Our process

The starting date is as soon as possible. However, we are willing to wait for the right candidate. And will do everything to accommodate your needs. We are mindful of your time and going through all stages can be done within one week. Once you've passed them all we will extend a formal offer.

You'll walk through five stages:

  1. Get to know each other: A 30mn call to pitch Leeway and get you excited to join. We'll also use this chance to see whether both our expectations align.
  2. Interview on your achievements, skills and how you could contribute to Leeway's culture: Sébastien and you are going to chat more about the position, your experiences, what you value and expect, and whatever is on your mind.
  3. Technical assessment: We know that your time is valuable we don't want it to be painful for you. We've actually designed an assessment that requires a minimum of time to be completed. Once done, we'll have a quick call to understand how and why you did things this way and give you feedback.
  4. References call: We'll ask you to make an intro to one or two people you worked with in a previous experience. We see this as a truly two-sided decision and we'll make you an intro to one of our investors to give you as many insights into us as possible if you want.
  5. 🍕 Pizza lunch with the team: Because it's also great to have a relaxing chat and talk about everything like good old friends.

We are lucky to hear from you! 🥳

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 01 April 2022
  • Location: Paris, France (75002)
  • Experience: > 3 years
  • Occasional remote authorized